Our activities

The core of our work is finding people who are ready to take a dog home in/from St. Petersburg.
Our work supposes organizing help to a homeless dog.
How do we do this?
There are two groups of doggies received by us for patronage.
• The first group: healthy dogs without serious deviations in behaviour that don’t need any correction by a cynologist.
• The second group: sick or socially unadapted dogs that need medical care and/or correction of behaviour by a cynologist
If the dogs belong to the first group, they are actually ready for home adoption. Our job is to take a dog away from the street, to clear it off the parasites, to castrate, chip and vaccinate it, and subsequently to proceed to looking for a new home.
If a dog is small, then quite often volunteers come to caregiver’s aid, providing a temporary home for such dogs. The name for this shelter is kennels. There our fosterlings live in home conditions while we are looking for people ready to take a dog for permanent residence in St. Petersburg.
If a dog is large, then it is almost impossible to find a volunteer kennels for it. In this case, we set up a Supervisory Board consisting of indifferent individuals.
Our assistants – Supervisory Board members – transfer monthly a certain amount of money for upkeep of a particular dog. This amount varies: starting from 100 roubles. Each member of the Supervisory Board sets the amount of his/her monthly donations on its own: this is an amount that is not burdensome for his/her budget. The members of the Supervisory Board support financially the chosen dog until its transfer to a new home. The search of a new home usually takes from 2 to 6 months. After a dog has been adopted, the Supervisory Board in charge of it ceases functioning. Thus, our people can afford without problems to allocate some amount commensurate with their resources, for a certain concrete period.
In this case, such handler-maintained dogs are placed to fee-based kennels.
Placement of dogs to home kennels is a much more correct way than placing a dog in a shelter.
It is because we shall know for sure how the dog will behave in a new house after it showed its character in the apartment. And the dog will not spring a surprise on the future owners or behave unexpectedly. We perfectly know all the nuances of its behaviour and we inform those who are going to take a dog home in St. Petersburg about it.
If the dogs belong to the second group: sick or socially unadapted, having behavioural problems, then we take on their treatment and reformation, and only after that we start looking for new families.
As to the other nuances, the technology of work is the same as with the first group.
But the only difference is that free kennels in such cases are in fact never practiced.
Therefore, we set up a Supervisory Board and place such dogs to professional kennels: cynological or medical-care temporary shelters.
And after the medical treatment and/or adaptation, we are looking for new families for these dogs, for those who are ready to take a dog home from St. Petersburg.
This is our daily and incessant work.
However, for treatment, adaptation and adoption of dogs, our organization constantly organizes some large-scale events that make it possible to save lives and find new families for many dogs from both St. Petersburg and other regions of Russia.
In this section, we publish information about the most significant events held by us, with participation of many people.