About us

The Regional public charitable organization for helping homeless dogs “To Survive in Hunger and Cold” was registered on 23 June, 2017.
Our organization helps people to take a dog home from the shelter.
As a volunteer association, we have been working actively from January 2015.
At that time, we started by saving dogs that found themselves in a difficult situation for a number of grave or dreadful reasons.

Our team is a public association of individuals united by a single idea of selfless prompt help to dogs who got into trouble through people’s fault and who can not survive without our active help!
Our team has brought together people who sincerely love dogs and understand them well.

• We are actively combating the outrageous irresponsibility of people who mercilessly doom the miserable dogs to painful and agonizing death.
• We collect dogs from the streets of our cold city; we save them from under the wheels of indifferent car owners; we pick them up, freezing and nearly dying from exhaustion.
• We provide medical treatment to the dogs, help them to adapt, socialize and always find new loving families for them.
• We help people who are determined to take a dog home from the shelter; our organization helps you to understand the dog and to set your life going in an absolutely calm and healthful, friendly atmosphere with your animals; we help you to find mutual understanding with the dog, to contact it properly; we teach you to take care of the animal competently and in sober earnest.
• We combine the financial help of people and that from organizations and use these funds for veterinary aid to the dogs in our charge.
• We organize the handlers’ work to provide treatment and adaptation of stray dogs, and we search for new housing for our fosterlings.
• We provide all-round informational, organizational and financial aid to volunteers saving stray dogs.
• We develop international relations with animal welfare organizations round the world.
• We are fighting for animals’ rights.
• We organize- and participate in the activities devoted to the problems of homeless animals, helping people to take a dog home from the shelter.