International ties

Our organization develops extensive international ties, because we give out dogs for home adoption not only within Russia, but also to other developed countries having favourable conditions and due attitude to animals.
We do not accept any geographical or political parameters according to which we choose new families for our fosterlings.
The main thing for us is reliable and loving families.
However, as a matter of fact, we act on the territory of the Russian Federation, therefore do not have the legal right to independently engage in home adoption of dogs on the territory of other countries.
But our charitable organization has reliable partners in some countries of the world, which work abroad on the official basis. It is owing to our foreign colleagues that our miserable, castaway and abysmally unhappy dogs find a home and a family in many developed European countries where we give the dogs away for home adoption.
For us, foreign experience is of enormous significance.
Therefore, we are always tolerant and open to cooperation and appreciate any professional contacts.
Our mission includes as well informing the world community actively and unflatteringly about the experience of animal protection movement in Russia, on the situation with observance of animals’ rights on the territory of our state.
We give dogs away for home adoption to different countries without distinguishing between them.
We always act in the interests of a dog in all aspects.
This section of the website covers our international activities pursued in the interests of saving stray dogs.
We maintain detailed reports on this work and hope for continued extension of the network of our international contacts.